Nova Launcher Prime 7.0.42 Apk – Mod Latest Free Download 2021

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

The best Android launcher in 2021 that can increase your experience about the device and make your life easy. Nova Launcher Prime Apk app for android download here can easily customize your desktop layout and icon with the app. So, you can manage your icon size and bring up the desktop layout in a very easy way. It works on any themes and can change your background. Nova Launcher Prime Apk latest mod full cracked free download 2021 beta also can find here dock background page icon for using. Another, the great features of this launcher is you can export all settings and import if you uninstall it or update the new version. Simply lock the home screen app, for this reason, unnecessary touch no apps remove from the screen. Manage the icon size and how many icons you want to keep on the screen side by side.

Nova Launcher Prime 7.0.42 Apk

Even more, you can customize background transparency and select color for the search bar. Nova Launcher 7 Prime Apk download provide you a user friendly interface and it also can fix some device problems. Anyone also can change folder background and preview gen gets the prime subscription here. Collect all of the apps into the one place for this reason user can easily find the needed app. Nova Launcher Prime 7.0.42 Apk mod latest version free download beta free can customize everything and also manage all settings and here no ads show. This app can show you all of the hidden folders and get here smooth scrolling. Hence, it is the latest version with the fix bugs and the new look with making it easy.

Nova Launcher Prime 7.0.42 Apk

Hence, easy to make it the default themes from the settings and manage the search bar style. So, use the smart scroll effects and show to shadow on the bottom and top. Another option is easy to find out the frequently used apps and get the new app on the top of the search that can save your time. You have full control to change the background color and transparency. Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk beta free download stable cracked full mod apk auto close when you open any app and also remember the previous position. Simply export the customize setting as the backup and easy to import everything. Easy to insert the voice hotword and show the notification with a popup window.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

Easy to change the icon size from the settings and easy to lock the app to ignore the unexpected change. Another, need one click to use the night mode that makes your theme dark and choose the separate color if you want. It simply bypasses the system theme and use the big grid option size if needed. Set the notification badges as dynamic and choose the dots option also a numeric dots. Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download 2021 cracked manage the gestures option and set the swipe option and dubble tab settings. Above all, change the screen orientation default. stock, fast, relaxed, light etc and choose popup menu block pills etc. Customize the animation scroll speed from the look and feel option and select multiple icon shape that you can manually customize.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download
  • Get the user friendly interface.
  • Customize desktop layout.
  • Manage your icon size easily.
  • Dock icon page background.
  • Fix all of the errors of themes.
  • Get here the quick Search bar.
  • Add icon on the home screen.
  • Sales background transparency.
  • Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2021 mod.
  • So, fix all of the bug issues.
  • Hide any apps from the screen.
  • Also, backup all settings.
  • Change the search background.
  • Create a new tab in one click.
  • Also, use the night mode.
  • Comes with the full bugs free.
  • Get the flexible user interface.
  • Customize the color simply.
  • Simple look and feel option.
  • Nova Launcher Prime Apk download.
  • Very easy to use this launcher.
  • It can support the swipe lock.
  • You can get here popup menu style.
  • Easy to set up the default launcher.
  • Customize all of the icon sizes.
  • Very smooth scrolling option.
  • Manage icon layout and style.
  • Technical support.
  • Etc.

Nova Launcher Prime



Prime Apk (Size: 10.6 MB): Download


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