Extreme 3D Helicopter FBX Auto Animated + Rigged Free Download

Extreme 3D Helicopter FBX Auto Animated

Get Extreme 3D Helicopter FBX OBJ with Texture that is Auto Animated and Rigged. It is very simple to rotate your Helicopter vehicle, just drag and drop this copter into your own 3D program like Maya, iclone, unity etc and get the animation result that you can easily control from your timeline. The user also can show the rigging bone settings into the body that is connected separately. Here you can found to rotor one is top of the body and another is back. After all, in the Extreme 3D Helicopter it is very simple to speed up the rotation of the vehicle and you also can slow it if needed.

Extreme 3D Helicopter FBX Free Download


FBX File [Size: 1.5 MB]


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