Easy Duplicate Finder License key – Crack Download

Easy Duplicate Finder License key

Easy Duplicate Finder License key

Easily find out your unnecessary same files and folders to delete this tool is perfect for that. Easy Duplicate Finder of duplicate file finding tool give you the include and exclude option. The most important features of this application is the users also can drag and drop their any folders or drives to find out that can save your time. Easy Duplicate Finder License key full crack 2021 is a great tool that can easily find out any duplicate file. That can help you increase your hard drive storage. This software also can skip the system and temporary files that is not recommended and also can alert you after scanning. Here you also can give the minimum or maximum file size to find out any size of file.

Easy Duplicate Finder License key

So, this tool support advanced search and custom search that can save your time. Thus, it is the latest version with some extra features that can really help you. Finally, the great features of the tool is it can show your all found files. Easy Duplicate Finder License key with crack also supports drag and drops folders that make it very easy to use. It also offers you the undo buttons for emergency file recovery. Easily save the scan result to your drive and easily import the file list that you want to search. Also, need one click to clear all added list and easy to load the scan profile.

Easy Duplicate Finder License key

When the user open the software it shows the quick guide that you need to follow to find out the duplicate image or other files. To get the quick result you need to include or exclude files that you can select from drop down menu. Not only you can add a file by using quick browse but also you add the file simple drag or drop option. Easy Duplicate Finder 7.13 License key crack full shows you the scanned files and founded duplicate files with full space. Need one click to fix all of the results and easy to save the result to the drive as .ssc formats. Show all of the founded files as a list into the left option bar and open the properties that you can move to recycle bin.

Easy Duplicate Finder 7.13 License key
  • Quickly find out duplicate content.
  • Support the multiple scan.
  • Very fast scanning speed.
  • Also, ignore unwanted files.
  • View files by different categories.
  • Setup excludes and include files.
  • Use the file size when export.
  • Support the drop and drag folders.
  • It can save the scan result.
  • Easy Duplicate Finder Crack.
  • Load the scan saving profile.
  • Browse the drive to select folders.
  • Three step finding option support.
  • Use here the grid and list view.
  • You can select the needed formats.
  • Support quick search bar.
  • Also, use the music tags.


Easy Duplicate Finder 7.13 License key


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